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Anteprima: Sunrise (English Version) di Anne Louise Rachelle

SERIES: InOgniDove
GENRE: Contemporary Romance, Soft Romantic Suspense
PRICE: € 3,99
PAGES: 150
YEAR: 2017, 27 January
ISBN Kindle: 978-618-83015-4-2
ISBN ePub: 978-618-83015-2-8
Translation of Erika Casali

Kaily Jefferson, 22 years old, after the death of both her parents, finds shelter in her paternal grandparents’ home. There she has a simple and boring life trying to survive that dreadful loss that made her heart averse to real feelings. But there is nothing that she can do to oppose faith that decided to fling her, once again, into the abyss of pain.
David Lake, former officer of the US Special Forces, is in a lot of trouble when the reconnaissance mission that he is carrying out with his team turns out to be an ambush. All his team is murdered, while he is so seriously injured that he is unable to run away.
The unusual encounter of Kaily and David will change their lives. She will need to face her daemons without any other excuse; the past is back to present the bill, as a mission that she cannot fail: save that man. He will need to settle in the civilian life of a small town, struggling strenuously against invisible threats to keep secret the reasons of his presence in that town in the middle of nowhere; he will try to put himself back together to obtain his Revenge. Among unexpressed feelings and military operations, the stories of these two people will get inexorably intertwined, creating a new dawn for two seemingly lost souls.

"A novel that aspires to Romantic Suspense genre. Sunrise catapults us into a remote village in North America, where the actions of a very special soldier are intertwined with those of a young woman shocked by a personal tragedy. Youthful Work of an author who chooses a pseudonym to live this wonderful adventure, presenting to the readers a story of deep feelings with a touch of military action, which underlines the main plot. Recommended for lovers of the genre, for those who like the troubled love affairs, for those who enjoy the military action without this becomes the protagonist of the novel."

Lover of writing and professional dreamer, throws herself headlong into this fantasy world and paper characters when she was young, creating her debut novel Sunrise. He loves to write in the quiet of the evening, forgetting the daily tasks and with classical music as background.

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